Former ceasefire group to form political party for 2010 election PNLO troops. Former ceasefire group to form political party for 2010 election “Shan Nationalities Peoples’ Liberation Organization (SNPLO), a ceasefire group in southern 酒店兼職Shan State that recently surrendered on 3 August under the pressure from the Burmese military has decided to form a state-based party to enter the 2010 elections, according to a sour 租房子ce from anti-junta PaO National Liberation Organization (PNLO). ” By Hseng Khio Fah 12 August 2008A group of 125 strong former SNPLO led by Soe Aung Lwin and Sein Shwe will form a political par 結婚ty, but the party’s name has not been chosen so far, according to Joihto from PNLO's Political and Organization Department. “However, we don’t think the party will get a chance to win even though it is 酒店打工allowed to contest in the elections. Everything will be under the military control,” he commented. The group was forced to surrender and lay down all weapons by Deputy Commander of Eastern Region Command and Vice chairman of 宜蘭民宿 Shan State South Peace and Development Council, Brig-Gen Chit Oo and Military Affairs Security (MAS) officer, Major Win Bo. The said officers led Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 426 and Infantry Battalion (IB) 250 to surround the SNPLO’s he 房屋出租adquarters at Nawng Htao, Hsihseng township. Altogether 62 weapons of SNPLO were taken, Joihto told SHAN. “Had the group refused to comply, they would have been shot.” The Burmese military has since been stationed at Nawng Htao. It is also reported 酒店工作ly planning to set up a new military camp and a police station at the former SNPLO headquarters. The SNPLO was formed in 1968. In 1994 it concluded a ceasefire agreement with Rangoon. In 2007, one of its factions led by Chit Maung surrendered to the Burmese military and anot 售屋網her faction led by KhunTi Sawng returned to the struggle changing its name to PaO National Liberation Organization (PNLO). The third faction led by Maj Hseng Fa surrendered last month. Out of a ceasefire groups in Shan State, 3 have surrendered so far: Shan State National Army (SSN 信用貸款A) and Palaung State Liberation Army (PSLA) in 2005 and SNPLO this year. The remaining ceasefire groups are Kokang, Wa, Mongla, Shan State Army (SSA) North, Kachin Defense Army and PaO National Army (PNA). 房屋二胎ion  .
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